In line with the increasingly widespread and growing world of IT and Networking, we would like to introduce ourselves as suppliers / vendors and service providers for IT & Networking and Telecommunication.


PT. Datasystem Solusindo works closely with vendors and technology partners to identify best-fit solutions mapped to customers requirements covering standards compliance, system compatibility and financial investments.


Powerful insights and customer experience analytics solution not only enables businesses to provide the consumer with a better experience, but also enables learning and improving.


An optimized corporate network increases efficiency, reduces costs and aligns the infrastructure to business goals, transforming the IT function from one of cost and support center to a business enabler.

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Our Vision Is Become a Telecommunication & Networking Company oriented by SMART (Solution, Mediative, Applicative, Responsive and Technology) in Indonesia and able to provide more services than the customer expected.

Our Mission Is Providing the best solution, reading and knowing needs, delivering advice design is applicable, provide quick and precise service, and using the best technology to meet expectations, dimensions, and customer needs.